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international online dating tips Dear international readers of Beautyjagd,

partnersuche.de spam mails Welcome to my blog! I have been meaning to add an English-language version to Beautyjagd for quite some time. In the end I decided that rather than translating all of the blog content, it would be more fun to publish a condensed version – kind of like a Digest – of the most important articles that have appeared on Beautyjagd during the last two weeks.

single schweiz kostenlos telefonieren My colleague Annika from candy crush kostenlos online spielen ohne anmeldung will be responsible for the translations. These will be based on the articles I write and each English version is linked back to the German original. To start with, we will publish the English versions twice a month. If the new format works well, we might even do it on a weekly basis – this is a work in progress, so we look forward to any feedback you might have! You can also continue to read Beautyjagd via Google Translator, of course.

partnersuche darmstadt dieburg If you require more information or if you are interested in specific articles please get in touch with me. And now: enjoy the best of Beautyjagd in English!

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  1. good things to write about yourself on a dating site Find ich super, die Idee mit dem englischsprachigen Best of!

    reiche frau sucht junge männer Da Ihr jetzt aber doch schon recht viele Beiträge habt, würde ich sie vielleicht rückwärts anordnen, also neueste zuerst 🙂
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    • international dating chat room Gute Idee! Ich habe sowieso vor, die ganze Seite hier neu zu ordnen, wenn ich etwas mehr Zeit /Luft habe 🙂 .